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Loopy API Introduction

Written on Saturday January 30, 2021

Loopy is cloud based video analysis and video tracking software used through your web browser. You can use it online (free trial) or via a dedicated private server for your research group.

In both cases you might want to use a scripting language such as R or Python, to automatically retrieve your video tracking results for further analysis.

In this short example we demonstrate how to use the API in Python to download and plot a deep learning tracking result.

If you can not see the embedded IPython notebook below, the code is posted on github.


All Loopy documentation, including the API documentation, can be easily accessed by clicking on 'Documentation' once logged in.

API documentation

Interested in Loopy?

Loopy is software for 2D and 3D animal tracking, image processing, deep learning, behavior coding, and analysis. Loopy is used through your web browser - there is no software to install. New features are constantly added to Loopy and are immediately available to all - without extra cost.

If you have a large research group Loopy on-site can be used by all members at once, with data sharing and secure video storage. This keeps all you raw data and tracking results in one place for security and organisation.

If you are interested in trying Loopy system, please sign up for a free loopy account. For a quote for multiple users or for Loopy on-site please contact us to see how we can help support your science.