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New Open Source Releases: Imgstore and Stitchup

Written on Monday February 25, 2019

Over the last couple of months we released a couple of interesting open source tools that might be of use to some hackers out there. In typical bad-at-marketing-busy-company form we then forgot to blog about them!

Stitchup is a python library for stitching multiple videos together into a larger video mosaic or video panorama. This is a common scenario for users of Motif video recording systems who have multiple-camera setups to increase their spatial and temporal resolution.


Stitchup adds some functionality (storing and loading of calibrations) and considerably improves upon the OpenCV in-tree stitcher module Python API. Stitchup was used in the example above and for our previous post on multi-camera high throughput c.elegans screening assay

Imgstore is a seekable and scalable for video frames and metadata (see announcement and imgstore introduction here). Well, we just released version 2.0 (and then 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3).

API compatibility was retained, however the 2.0 release features a few nice new features and signifigant bugfixes

The new version can be installed from pypi using pip install -U imgstore.

Interested in Motif?

Motif is the first video and camera recording system designed for the experiments of modern scientists. It supports single and multiple synchronized camera scenarios, remote operation, high framerate and unlimited duration recording. It is always updated and has no single-user or other usage limitations.

If you are interested in aMotif system, please contact us for a quote or to see how Motif can solve your video recording needs.