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2018 In Review

Written on Monday January 07, 2019

2018 was a great year for loopbio! We continued to improve our products, particularly Loopy image processing and tracking software, and Motif video recording software, and our Virtual Reality systems, to meet the needs of quantitative biologists around the world.

We are especially happy with the improvements and success of Loopy, which left beta testing in January 2018 and grew in popularity rapidly - over the course of 2018 Loopy was used:

  • To help 149 scientists with their research
  • To process 10577 videos (totalling 14.9TB of data)
  • To track or analyze, using deep learning, 2D or 3D tracking, 3484 videos
  • To annotate 2368 video segments
  • To score 791 experiments

Let's review the year in order and highlight some of the moments we are most proud of, including:

Loopy Is Born

At the turn of the year we launched Loopy to the general public, making deep learning and 3D tracking available to all scientists immediately, without having to write or maintain their own software. Loopy can be used immediately by signing up at https://app.loopb.io.

Loopy Grows Up

After Loopy's release, we didn't' stop adding features. We began by added scoring and behavioral coding to Loopy, including social scoring.

We taught all our products - Loopy, Motif, and realtime 3D tracking to get along with one another, demonstrating a world first at FENS conference: realtime marker free pose tracking of mice (and other animals).

We added even more plotting and data analysis capabilities to Loopy - making it a complete and integrated tool for analysis. Now you can create your own tracking solution, including training your own deep learning based detector animal tracker, upload and process videos, and plot and analyze data, without leaving your web browser.

We polished our complete suite of tools for 3D tracking, calibration and analysis. Use your deep learning animal or pose detector for 3D reconstruction with ease!

Motif - the Versatile Video Recording Platform

2018 featured a number of cool uses and examples of Motif - our recording software which can be used standalone, or combined across multiple computers to build complex and automated experimental assays.

Here's Motif for longterm activity recording.

Motif for microscope-like resolution and high framerate recording from multi-well plates.

Motif for wide-area high framerate recording with realtime compression.

Motif for synchronized multi-camera 3D recording - collecting data for analysis in Loopy.

Virtual Reality

We developed and delivered an innovative virtual reality system for flies.

We also delivered two FishVR systems to customers.

2018 was a great year for loopbio!
We wish everyone a happy new year and look forward to 2019!