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2019 In Review

Written on Saturday February 01, 2020

2019 was another great year for loopbio. Our two main products, Loopy image processing and tracking software, and Motif video recording software, saw continual improvement throughout the year, and were used by an ever increasing number of Scientists around the world.

The popularity of Loopy continued to grow, with its use more than doubling over the previous year. In 2019 Loopy was used:

Let's review the year in order and highlight some of the moments we are most proud of from 2019:

Loopy Improved Without Pause

Throughout the year we continually worked on Loopy, adding new features and delivering them to customers. Loopy is a continually and freely updated product, which means all new features we added were immediately available to the existing users.

We improved the behavioral coding / scoring features, and had a number of research groups and departments move over wholesale to using Loopy for their video coding, for example (case study here).

We added popularly requested tag tracking / barcode tracking.

We added improved analysis and plotting (both 2D and 3D) of our pose tracking / keypoint tracking.

Loopy can be used immediately for free by signing up for a trial at https://app.loopb.io.

Motif Major Version Release

We released Version 5 of Motif - our recording software which can be used standalone, or combined across multiple computers to build complex and automated experimental assays. This was a significant release adding many new features, including the following highlights (more info).

I/O, DAQ, Sensor and Output Support
Motif can record data synchronized to the video, including reading from DAQ devices. All data is stored in one file, making working with other data streams, such as EEG, audio, or optogenetic stimulation, extremely easy. Motif can itself also control output to create complex experiments
Live Image Streaming / Real-time Closed-loop Image Processing Support
Motif can now stream or process video data in real-time. In combination with the above it makes the creation of complicated experiments with stimuli very easy.
Windows and Increased Camera Support
Motif now runs on Windows, and supports even more types of cameras - more than 500.

For more information on this release, please read this overview..

The new real-time features of this release allowed us to deliver real-time tracking and closed-loop assays to customers (and create this cool 70s demo).

Great Conferences Attended

We were fortunate that our favorite conference, Göttingen - the German neuroscience society meeting, was again in 2019.

We attended the beautiful ASAB meeting in Konstanz, where an enormous variety of our technology and products were highlighted by scientists.

We also exhibited for the very first time at our largest conference to-date, SFN - the society of neuroscience meeting in Chicago.

Company Growth and Partnerships

To make room for the growth of loopbio, we moved from our previous office into a brand new premises in the center of Vienna, we can now be found at Lange Gasse 65/14 - 1080 Vienna!

We partnered with Traverse Science to bring the power of Loopy tracking, analysis and behavior recognition to the large-animal and pre-clinical North American market.

2019 was a great year for loopbio!
We look forward to an even better 2020!